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The Baby Bear Named Fluffy

One of the baby bears over at bear point near our lodge, this was one is named Fluffy.  Bear point is located on lake Wabatongushi on a pinical going out onto the Lake this guy is only four or five months old. It is important to remember though that bears should still be treated with caution because even a four or five month old bear like Fluffy could still do some significant damage, but they are still a wonderful animal to see.

the baby Bear named Fluffy


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Posted on July 20th, 2011 at 8:38 PM by Water is Wild (Devin)

Beautiful Evening Light

The Beautiful evening sunlight shines on the rock in the back bay in the far north end of the lake, as well as the row of three rocks in the rocky shoal near by.

Sunset Light Shining on the Rocks

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Back Marsh Water Lily

This is a picture that i took in the back marsh behind our lodge all of the lilies are in bloom and is a beautiful sight.  this is also another picture that i have taken from Lake Wabatongushi.  As well as a picture of reeds beautifully swaying in the wind.

Reeds in the Wind

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If you have an interesting story or video from the last time you have been on the water please send me the story or the link to your video on youtube and i will post it, you can also email it to me at “”. (no guarantees that it will be up right away but it shouldn’t take more than a week)

July 14

Water Show
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I seen this water show when I was on vacation down in cuba it was very nice production that was put on and although the whole thing lasted around two hours this is a short exert from it to give you a taste of what i saw.

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This is a video of me snorkeling off the coast, this was a neat experience and highly recommend it.

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Up at “Long Time No See’um” in Lake Wabatongushi in a river at the other end of the  lake(hence the name “Long Time No See’um”)  I ended up face to face with a bull moose while i was in my kayak so i propped myself  on top of a bog so i could stand up to get a better look, as well as to take this video.